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GCC/IBT Convention 2016
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Benevolent Trust Fund Benefit
This past week all our active and retired members received a letter from our International Graphic Communications Conference/IBT regarding the changes to the Benevolent Trust Fund. Read More...
New Year! New HEALTHY YOU!

Getting Healthy/Thinner is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolution and the first step to that goal is getting a complete Physical Exam!

Our Union offers a free full extensive Physical Exam to participants in the Union’s Health Plan and it also assists in helping you reach your health goals. In the past years, we would only range about 50 members per year but last year we almost tripled that number!

$100.00 Visa Gift Card is available again to all participants!

Our Local believes in our members and for their future so we recommend all our members to at least try out Health Dynamics for their annual physical. We are sure you will be glad you did!

Please see the attached listing of clinic locations.

If you have any issues in setting up appointments please let the Local know about this, so we can bring this up to our administrators.

Download: Health Dynamics 2017.pdf
Read your Contract

Your Contract and Job Reductions

The contract sets the criteria under which your employer can cut hours or lay off employees.  For example, it may be necessary for the employer to prove that there is a 2015.07.13 membertip contract“compelling business necessity” to justify any shrinking of the workforce.  And the contract will cover how it is determined which employees get to keep their jobs and which don’t.  (This is often determined by seniority, that is, length of service with the employer.)  There may be detailed procedures including such items as how much notice must be given, determination of severance pay, retraining rights, and priority for being rehired in the future

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