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Labor's Message to Voters2014.12.15quote vote

A critical election season is upon us. Workers must recognize that union victories are vulnerable when anti-union candidates are elected to office. Learn which candidates believe that all workers deserve the dignity of fair wages and good working conditions.

Click on the following link to research your candidates in your district and make sure they support Labor Unions.

Make Sure to get out and VOTE!

The next few days are very important for both our Union and our country.

Please exercise your right as an AMERICAN that people have fought and died for and VOTE on November 8th in the country's election!  Make sure to vote for candidates in ALL OFFICES who will fight for the WORKER! (We have attached a listing of JC 25 Supported Candidates)

Ballots for the Teamster General Election are due by November 14th at 9:00 a.m. (Eastern Time)  Please take the 5 minutes needed to fill out your ballot and place it in the mail.

Thank you for voting!

Download: JC25_EndorsedCandidates.pdf
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