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Getting an Organizing Campaign Started in Your Shop
Updated On: Mar 12, 2015

Before talking with co-workers, meet with an organizer! Many organizing campaigns are defeated before they ever get started when the Company reacts to a rumor that employees are talking about organizing their workplace. Fear and Anxiety of the Companies reaction are the largest hurdles that will have to be overcome.  Only through education of the workers, with a comprehensive organizing plan enacted by an organized group of employees in your workplace, will we be able to overcome the fear and mount a successful campaign.

Are covered under the National Labor Relations Act(NLRA),which the U.S. Federal Law that protects workers rights the workplace? The NLRA is enforced by the Labor Relations Board an agency of the U.S. Government.

When employees wish to organize to have their Union an "Appropriate Unit" must be determined. An Appropriate Unit establishes which employees will be included the group to be represented by their and will determine the employees that will be excluded from group/unit.

In order to get started we will need the following information:

What are the issues that would make employees interested in union representation?

Total # of employees broke down by:


Shift times

Names, addresses, phone, any personal information

A diagram of the facility showing all departments and where equipment is located

Showing where production employees are located, broken down by shifts

The diagram needs to show where entries are, time clocks, bulletin boards,smoking/break areas, restrooms, locker rooms, parking lots, and supervisors/managements office locations Social Cells (groups that: bowl, go to church together, related, social clicks, etc.)

Social Cells Influencers (People that influence these groups)

Work Cells (groups that: work/interact together, crews, material handlers, etc.)

Work Cells Influencers (People that influence these groups)

Is there any prior union history or union organizing attempts?

A diagram of the facility

What are the Company's main products?

Who are the Company's customers?

What Community Organizations are supported?

What is the management structure?

E-mail as much info as possible, please mail your rough drawing of the facility lay-out (as large as possible) to:

Mike Consolino

Cell: (630) 520-5950

Office: (630) 480-8973

GCC/IBT District Council 4

455 Kehoe Blvd, Suite 110

Carol Stream, IL, 60188

GCC/IBT District Council 4
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