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Local 568M Membership Meeting
Feb 06, 2022
AFL CIO Building located at 400 NE Jefferson Street in Peoria Illinois 61603
Local 458M Membership Meeting
Feb 09, 2022
President's Day - Office Closed
Feb 21, 2022
Local 568M Membership Meeting
Mar 06, 2022
AFL CIO Building located at 400 NE Jefferson Street in Peoria Illinois 61603
Local 568M Membership Meeting
Apr 03, 2022
AFL CIO Building located at 400 NE Jefferson Street in Peoria Illinois 61603
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Teamsters Local 992

    Teamsters District Council 4 is made up of hard-working men and women throughout the state of Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Iowa, we are an affiliation of members of  Local 458M and Local 568M, and now Local 518M. Our members cover many sections of our industry, and we believe our strength is found in our diversity. 

    Our Union has been active for over 100 years in the Chicagoland area and we are proud of our history and knowledge in the Graphic Industry.  Having the International Brotherhood of Teamsters behind us we work to negotiate the best contracts possible and to provide the strongest day-to-day union representation for our members.

    What's New

    The application process is now OPEN.  Please use this address to access the system:   *the KEY for applying is "JRHMSF"   The DEADLINE is March 1, 2022.

    Eligibility:  For the sons, daughters, and financial dependents of Teamster members (including the BMWED, BLET, GCC, and TCRC). Academic scholarships range from $1,000 to $10,000 for high school seniors planning to attend a four-year college or university and Training/Vocational program awards of up to $2,000 for use at community colleges and trade schools. 

    (Membership verification for the parent of the applicant will be completed by the IBT (Teamsters), BLET, BMWED, and GCC headquarters data.)  The children or financial dependents of full-time local union officers or full-time staff of local unions are ineligible.

    Apply here:    *the KEY for applying online is JRHMSF

    The deadline is March 1, 2022.

    For general questions about the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund, please call 855-670-ISTS (4787) or  Email:   or

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    As you prepare your Holiday checklist, please make sure to add "update address/contact information" at the Local Office.

    All our active and retired members will begin to receive tax forms, and pension statements through the mail.  If you have recently moved you need to contact us at 630-668-4337 or via email at as soon as possible.

    If you wish to contact the funds directly please see the following information:

    Teamster Members Retirement Fund (ILPF) - 630-752-8400

    National Pension Fund (International) - 630-871-7733

    Employer Retirement Fund - 800-322-1489

    Graphic Arts Joint Pension Trust - 202-508-6670

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GCC/IBT District Council 4
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